The Jorge Mijares Memorial Scholarship

by Frances Mijares

Jorge Mijares was born April 6, 1960 in Havana, Cuba. When he was nine years old he emigrated from Cuba with his mother where he would come to love the country and all it had to offer. Jorge and I married in 1988 and raised four beautiful children together. Jorge was living the American dream until on December 27, 2002, he was electrocuted and severely burned while working for ComEd.

Jorge worked very hard to support his family but always made time for us as well. He was involved in every aspect of his children’s lives, from Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little League baseball to coaching football. In addition to supporting the family, Jorge worked very hard to impress upon his children the importance of attending college as he thought it was very important for their future.

In 2011 our oldest son graduated college; our middle child is attending college while the youngest is in high school planning her college career. Jorge would be thrilled to have a scholarship in his name for the honor alone but more so honored in knowing that he has helped young adults work to achieve the American dream that he had by attending college.

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