The Daniel Yost Memorial Scholarship

Our son, Daniel Jacob Yost, was born March 28, 1983 and was the the oldest of our four boys. He made many lifelong friends while attending Willow Creek Community Church where he also loved serving alongside others in Promiseland, the church's Sunday school.

After graduating high school he joined the Army and was a part of the 82nd Airborne.  When his service was up, after attending a local college, he held various jobs until he found the one he really liked.  After only two weeks working as an Overhead Electrician Starter for ComEd, Dan suffered a fatal secondary electrical contact injury.  He passed away on August 21, 2007.

Dan loved to figure out how everything worked. He'd study it, break it down and then rebuild it.  He always had to touch everything, see everything and then ask a bunch of questions about whatever it was.

Dan was a lover and liver of life.  So many people go day to day checking tasks off of their life lists and never really embracing the beauty around them.  That wasn't Dan.  He wasn't one to pass up an opportunity to do something new.  He knew how to complete those tasks while embracing all the beauty the world had to offer.

His friends described him as "fiercely loyal"... and he would be absolutely thrilled to know someone was able to start off or further their education with a scholarship awarded in his name.

The Yost Family

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